Emotion in academia (especially if you’re young, and a women)

Dear Secret SESS scholar, please help.

An older-male-herr-professor recently told me that a critique I wrote in response to his article was ’emotional’ (he cringed at the word).

It (my critique) was emotional.

It was an emotional response to a framework published in a powerful journal that I am afraid will shut-down important future research trajectories.

Why academia needs emotional, passionate women:


By the way, my co-author on that response was an established-male-academic. I wonder if he would have been accused of being emotional as well.

Thank you,

LJH (initials create so much gender mystique, non?)


2 thoughts on “Emotion in academia (especially if you’re young, and a women)

  1. Ah.
    A reviewer comment that stung me was when a critique I wrote of the financialisation of biodiversity was dismissed as “whimsical”. No comment on my gritty engagement with historic economics, just that throwaway line on tone. It annoyed me on both counts – implicitly gendered, flighty and feminine, but also signalling that there is only one valid economic thought now, and all else is la-la-land.


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