Courses on Research Design

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a course in methods/research design to take next year, and since it’s a jungle out there I would be really grateful to hear about any suggestions and experiences you might have (qual, quant and mixed would all be of interest)! I’ll compile the suggestions and send them out in case anyone else is interested.



One thought on “Courses on Research Design

  1. Hi Anna,

    I have heard from several students at SRC that the ECPR Methods School is pretty good, and it sounds like what you are looking for (I don’t know it personally)

    I think all of us can relate to the ordeal of finding good courses. I think that it should be a priority for us to compile a ‘database’ of courses and summer schools, and make sure to keep it updated. This would provide at least a starting point, and make the task less overwhelming. A few of us started such compilation a bit ago, but it needs to get revived again. So relatively soon you all will receive a short survey that should help us compile a list of good (and bad) courses, building from each of our torturing experiences.

    For now, I can share a few suggestions made by various PhD students before:
    Sense (Netherlands)
    Oslo University
    RSEE (U. Groningen, Netherlands)
    HIGRADE (Helmholtz Centre, Germany)



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