Warmly welcome!

We are an open group of early career researchers working within the realm of social-ecological systems, who use this platform to share research ideas, challenges and opportunities. The site hosts blogs and a discussion forum in which we explore our identity as young scholars and share new or upcoming published work as well as seek help with some our research endeavours.

You are welcome to post articles, links and comments to this page! Posts can take any form under the following categories:

  • Reflection and Provocations: ideas about transdisciplinarity, our niche and identity in this world of sustainability
  • From the Field: we want to hear about your experience in the field! Whether it’s the jungle or your desk… what are you in the middle of?
  • Secret SESS scholar: a.k.a. the place to rant anonymously. What are you really struggling with?
  • Breadth and Depth: what new research have you just published? A.k.a. do your bragging here (insert applause)
  • Requests for Help: do you want to start a reading group? Do you need someone to review a paper or chapter? Struggling with a method?
  • Announcement: any conferences, meetings, courses or other events that you’d like to share?

If you’d like to join the list serve or post something to this page, please email: gradresilience2014@gmail.com

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